Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Regular carpet and tile cleaning is essential for a variety of reasons, including to extend the life of carpet tiles. During a cleaning session, be sure to vacuum each area thoroughly with long, slow passes that pick up loose particles. Do not leave any debris behind as it will weaken the carpet fibers and reduce their life. Vacuum high-traffic areas several times daily and moderate-traffic areas a few times a week. Be sure to vacuum the perimeters and edges as well. Then, treat stains by blotting them with a mild cleaning solution and then rinse them thoroughly. If the spot is particularly stubborn, it may need a repeat treatment. Depending on the stain, you may even need to replace the tile.

Carpet and are Rug Care
Carpet and are Rug Care

Vacuuming frequently will not only extend the life of carpet tiles, but will also help to minimize the allergens present in the air. Household dust contains a variety of allergens, including pollen, animal dander, and dust mites. The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends that high-traffic areas be vacuumed at least twice a week. This is especially crucial for homeowners with pets or children.

Tile floors can be cleaned with carpet shampooers as well. These machines use brushes designed for carpets and are designed to avoid damaging tile. In addition, these machines are equipped with water and cleaning solution that can effectively remove tough stains from tile floors.

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