Carpet and Sofa Cleaner

If your sofa or carpet is very dirty, there are several options available to get rid of stains. You can buy a carpet cleaner and use it on the sofa, or you can use a professional cleaner when necessary. Some of these products come with attachments to help you clean specific areas. Before purchasing a carpet cleaner, it is important to read the directions. Certain types of fabrics require different cleaning methods.

Bissell makes a powerful carpet and sofa cleaner that works on all kinds of upholstered surfaces. It has a powerful brush to remove stains and eliminate odors, and its lightweight tank holds 8 ounces of cleaning solution. Another benefit of this product is its cordless capabilities. It is safe for children and pets, and it can be used on a variety of surfaces.

For more thorough cleaning, Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet and Sofa Cleaner is a good choice. This machine uses self-cleaning technology to spray a water solution directly onto stains. Its powerful 3.5-amp motor can clean upholstered furniture, rugs, carpeted stairs, and car seats.

A portable carpet cleaner can be rented or hired for the day. However, if you frequently clean your carpets, a professional cleaner might be a better choice. However, it doesn’t last very long. You might be better off renting a professional carpet and sofa cleaner instead.

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