Tile and Grout Cleaning in AZ

clean tile and

Let us scrub and blast out dirt and grime from your
tile, stone and grout. You’ll be able to eat off the
floor without worrying about the 5-second rule.
What our customers are saying
Deep cleaning of stone, tile, and grout

Do you remember the real
color of your grout?

We’ll hand-scrub your grout and then blast away
the dirt and grime, leaving your tile sparkling clean.
We can then apply a sealant so your grout will stay
cleaner, longer.

Types of tile cleaned:

Tile Cleaning Process

How we get the
deepest tile cleaning

Regular mopping is great, but it can only take you so far. Eventually you need to restore your tile and grout with a professional cleaning–unless you’re thinking of getting on your hands and knees with a toothbrush 🥵

Here's how we do it:

We bring grout
back to new

Cleaning Packages

Get started on your tile
& grout cleaning

Light Clean
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Deep clean
Starting at


Deep clean and seal
Starting at


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At Brimley’s White Glove Chem-Dry, we know you are the kind of homeowner that takes pride in your home, and a key ingredient is keeping your home fresh and clean.

Spots and spills on your carpet and furniture are embarrassing and make your home feel chaotic. We believe that the home is a sacred place and that it should be a peaceful, clean, and beautiful space.
We understand that inviting someone into your home can be a painful and unnerving experience. That’s why we train our technicians to be true cleaning professionals that honor your home and treat you with respect.
Here’s how to get started: get an online quote for any cleaning services you might be interested in, pick a cleaning package, and then pick your cleaning date.
Book your cleaning now so can stop the unsettling feeling of dirty flooring and furniture and start feeling the serenity that comes with fresh and beautiful surroundings.