Phon D Sutton Recreation Area

A visit to Phon D Sutton Recreation Area AZ should include several activities. Kayaking, hiking, tubing, fishing, and camping are just a few of the options. This recreation area is also home to many interesting desert plants with spiny, thorny leaves. There are many opportunities to photograph the desert scenery and enjoy a picnic lunch. There are even restrooms on-site. Many families visit the area for its hiking trails. Learn more.


While most Salt River kayaking trips conclude at Granite Reef Dam, you can continue your journey by continuing downstream, starting at Phon D Sutton Recreation Area. This park has picnic shelters and pit toilets, and a large parking lot. Vehicles should park on the back half of the first parking lot, where a small path will lead to the launch site between two picnic shelters. Once you’ve made it to the launch area, paddle downstream along the slat river for approximately four miles.

Before you begin kayaking, be sure to pack a dry bag for your belongings. Make sure to bring your camera, phone, and any other valuables. Attach a paddle leash to your kayak. And, as always, wear a life jacket. And, of course, sunscreen and other safety gear. Don’t forget to pack some snacks and water for the ride home. Kayaking in Phon D Sutton Recreation Area AZ is an excellent way to spend a morning or afternoon.


If you love tubing, you’ll love tubing at Phon D Sutton Recreation Area in Mesa, Arizona. This recreation area is popular with locals and visitors alike, and the scenery is truly spectacular. Taime and Hannah’s session was unique because they had a 70s Chevelle to use as a fun prop for their session. You’ll love how unique these photos are.

There’s plenty to do in this area, including camping, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, and hiking. You’ll also find restrooms and ramadas for your convenience, and a makeshift path system for your children. The path to the water is great for kids, but be prepared to climb over some rocks to get to it. The paths between the restrooms are fun and will get you close to the water. In addition to tubing, the recreation area offers shuttle service and rentals. A great place to also visit is.


If you’re looking for an exceptional fishing spot, try a trip to the Salt River. You can catch a variety of fish in this pristine river. Throughout the day, you can camp in one of several established camping areas, including Phon D Sutton. You can also enjoy a day of tubing or kayaking. There are plenty of activities for you to enjoy in this park, from day hiking to night tubing and camping in big rigs.

To find the best spot, you can use the local weather report for Phon D Sutton Recreation Area AZ. It includes current temperatures, humidity, barometric pressure, air quality, and dew point. The report also gives a forecast for the next few days. It also includes any extreme weather conditions, such as high winds, thunderstorms, or high wind gusts. Whether you are fishing for trout, bass, or catfish, it is a good idea to check the local weather report before heading to the area.


If you’re traveling to the Southwest, consider camping in Phon D Sutton Recreation Area. This park is near the Salt River and offers a variety of primitive campsites. You can stay as long as 14 days, but there are no designated sites for RVs or tents. There are also some campgrounds in the area that allow pets, but check the rules. If you’re planning on staying for only a few days, consider tent camping instead.

You’ll find Phon D Sutton Recreation Area, located near the confluence of the Verde River and the Salt River. This site is a great place to go fishing. It also features six shade ramadas and grills. It’s located between mile markers 24 and 25 on N Bush Highway, and is the second recreational area you’ll find along the way. You can reach the park by taking the scenic drive from Mesa or Granite Reef.


While visiting the southern Arizona region, you should consider visiting Phon D Sutton Recreation Area. This site is known for its extensive wildlife, including the Gambel’s quail, Double-crested Cormorant, Great Blue Heron, Snowy Egret, and Green Heron. Bald eagles and Cooper’s hawks are also regular visitors to the area.

For birdwatching, head to the Phon D Sutton Recreation Area, north of Granite Reef. Located near the confluence of the Salt River and the Verde River, this area is also an excellent place for fishing. The site includes six shade ramadas and grills for your use. You’ll find the site between mile markers 24 and 25 on the N. Bush Highway. The site is 16 miles northeast of Mesa.


If you’re looking for a desert wilderness with a bit of diversity, the Salt River Loop Trail offers excellent photography and wildlife views. Hikers will enjoy the stunning views of Four Peaks, the Verde River, and the desert landscape as they hike along the Salt River Loop Trail. Start your hike near the confluence of the Salt and Verde rivers. Soon after, you’ll fork the trail into a loop.

To get to the Phon D Sutton Recreation Area, follow Power Rd north from Mesa, and then turn left onto Bush Highway. You’ll soon come to a parking lot and the recreation area. Make sure to purchase a recreation pass, which costs $8, before entering the park. The best time to photograph the sun setting is about an hour before sunset. To find the park, look for an orange and white orienteering sign. Browse next article.


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