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How to Prepare for your Cleaning

How to prepare your home for a professional carpet cleaning

Move the cars out of the driveway.

We don’t park on your driveway, but he open space will help us run the hoses and other cleaning equipment from the truck into your house without the risk of bumping into your vehicle.

Remove light/breakable items out of the rooms to be cleaned.

Our technicians are trained to be very careful inside your home, but accidents do happen. Hoses will be running throughout the house, so take a look around for any top-heavy tables, lamps, planters, etc. that could get bumped. Any toys, shoes, books, wastebaskets, etc that you have out of the way before we enter your home will help us finish the cleaning (and get out of your house) that much sooner.

Secure your pets.

Although our technicians are a friendly bunch, the equipment they bring in and noises the equipment makes may be frightening to your pet. We will also need to crack open the door and we don’t want your pet to escape into the neighborhood.

Special note for birds and fish when receiving tile cleaning or pet odor treatments: Birds and fish are particular sensitive to powerful cleaning solutions (not applicable for normal carpet and upholstery cleaning). Move birds to a place where they can get fresh air; turn off the aerator for fish while the odors clear from the house.

Get cords, wires, and drapes off the floor.

Our rotating Powerhead machine gives the deepest, most thorough clean ever, but it does not like electronic cords. The cords can become wrapped around the spinning head causing serious issues. Pinning drapes off the floor helps us to see the floor underneath and not let the drapes get wet from the damp carpet. Again, our technicians are very careful not to cause any damage, but better safe than sorry.
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