What is a Carpet Cleaner?

A carpet cleaner is a professional who cleans your carpet to remove stains and dirt, as well as remove allergens. Common methods of carpet cleaning include hot water extraction, dry-cleaning, and vacuuming. These methods are effective for removing a variety of stains and dirt. In addition to these methods, a professional carpet cleaner can also use chemical agents and a variety of other equipment.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me

Carpet cleaners clean much more thoroughly than manual scrubbing. They are a better choice if your carpet is rarely used. A carpet cleaner also removes small pieces of dirt and stains, saving you time. While a carpet cleaner requires you to do a bit more setup and tear-down, it is still more convenient and time-saving than a manual cleaning.

One of the main differences between hot water extraction and dry cleaning is the cleaning method used. Hot water extraction involves saturating your carpet with a powerful cleaning solution. This solution then lifts the dirt out of the fibers and is vacuumed away. Hot water extraction is one of the safest methods of carpet cleaning. This type of cleaning does not leave behind residue, and it is also safe for people with allergies.

The chemical solution that your carpet cleaner uses will depend on the type of dirt you have on your carpet. Many carpet cleaners use a chemical solution that breaks down dirt. The cleaner will then use a steam vacuum or a mechanical circular scrubbing machine to remove the dirt. This method can take an hour or more, depending on the cleaning solution and the amount of dirt the carpet has.

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