Carpet Cleaner Reviews

When looking for a carpet cleaner, the first thing you need to consider is the amount of dirt the machine can handle. Then you’ll need to decide whether you want a machine with a large dirt tank or a smaller model that’s easy to maneuver. You also want to consider the type of messes the machine can tackle. While some models are great for cleaning only carpet, others are better for upholstery, such as couches.

Bissell steam cleaners are very portable and can clean a variety of surfaces. Bissell has a good reputation and is a trusted brand. Their steam cleaners have good scrubbing power and suction power. They do, however, lose suction on tall carpet fibers. You can also find models that come with extra accessories, such as a hose and a brush attachment.

Carpet shampoo is an important part of a quality carpet cleaner. Not only does it remove tough stains, it also neutralizes strong odors. This shampoo was chosen by the This Old House Reviews team and has been praised by many consumers. It contains up to four times the amount of active ingredients than other leading carpet shampoos. It’s also effective at removing oil, grease, makeup, and feces. Bissell has a charitable foundation that helps those who purchase their carpet cleaners. This product has many positive reviews, but some customers don’t like how easy it is to use.

If you have pets in your home, you may want to consider Bissell’s DeepClean Lift-Off Pet carpet cleaner. Its nozzle features dual rotating power brushes, and the company’s Surround Suction technology removes pet stains. The unit also has a convenient 2-in-one configuration, so you can use it as a steam cleaner.

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