Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum 

The Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum, also known as the Airbase AZ Aircrafts Museum, is located at Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona. It is the 10th unit of the Commemorative Air Force. It is one of the largest such museums in the world. It features many aircraft, including the B-17G Sentimental Journey. There are also cadets and a Confederate Air Force exhibit. Read this first!

Sentimental Journey is a B-17G

A visit to the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum will take you on a journey down memory lane. This museum honors those who fought in World War II. There are many exhibits to explore, including the Tuskegee Airmen and the Enemy Artifacts. The B-17G Sentimental Journey, which was the inspiration for the museum’s creation, is a great way to get a feel for the history and culture of this time in aviation. In fact, visitors can even climb aboard one of these aircraft and experience the thrill of flying the B-17G!

Sacred Steel memorializes all those who lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor attack

The Sacred Steel exhibit is the most striking memorial to the people lost in the Pearl Harbor attack. Despite its unsettling design, the exhibit is not devoid of beauty. The wreckage of the battleship USS Arizona is a striking reminder of the tragic event. Its wreckage is so impressive that it has even inspired an upcoming movie – Sacred Steel.

Confederate Air Force

The Arizona Commemorative Airforce Museum or ACAF is a military aircraft museum that was founded on Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona. It is the tenth unit of the Commemorative Air Force and one of the largest in the world. Its display of historical aircraft from the Civil War era includes F-86 Sabres, B-24 Liberators, and Confederate bombers. Explore more!

Confederate Air Force cadets

The Arizona Commemorative Aviation Museum has a unique display of Confederate aircraft, and its cadets are an excellent source of information. A cadet membership costs $100 and is open to anyone ages 12 and up. Membership is tax-deductible. Active military personnel are also welcome to join at the Colonel level, which will keep dues $100 each year while they are in the U.S. Military.

Sacred Steel

The Sacred Steel at Arizona Commemorative Airforce Museum Mesa has recently been dedicated to the sailor’s sacrifice. The museum’s restoration of WWII aircraft is done through a volunteer effort of 99.9%. The museum is open to the public during regular business hours and admission is free for children under five. There are special exhibits honoring veterans, women pilots, and the Tuskegee Airmen.

Sentimental Journey

The Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum, also known as Airbase Arizona Aircraft, was founded in Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ. The museum is one of the largest Commemorative Air Force units in the world. It is the only museum to display both vintage and contemporary military aircraft. You will be amazed by its collection of vintage military aircraft and the stories they tell.

Sacred Steel memorialized all those who lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor attack

During the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Empire dropped bombs on the USS Arizona, which brought the US into World War II. The result was a devastating attack, which resulted in the greatest number of American casualties in US military history. In total, 2,335 people lost their lives in the attack – almost as many as died during D-Day. Visiting Pearl Harbor is not a somber occasion, but rather a time to reflect on the lives that were lost and the pride that the US and allied forces demonstrated in the war effort. Next article.


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