Area Rug Cleaning Cost

The cost of area rug cleaning varies widely. It can range anywhere from $2 to $8 per square foot, but the amount you pay may depend on several factors. First, you should determine the material of your area rug. There are many types, including wool, synthetic fibers, silk, and jute. Some of these types are more difficult to clean than others. In this case, a professional cleaner will evaluate your rug and determine the best cleaning method for your rug.

Cleaning a Rug
Cleaning a Rug

Regardless of the material, you should consider the location when determining your area rug cleaning cost. You may choose to have your rug cleaned offsite, which can be a great option if the site is easy to access. But, keep in mind that this option is time-consuming and will cost you more money than on-site work. Plus, you may need to pay an additional fee if your rug requires specialized repairs or restoration. If you decide to use an off-site service, it is recommended to protect existing materials and components before the cleaning. Additionally, many businesses offer discounts if you hire them on a regular basis.

Considering the amount of foot traffic your area rug receives, it’s imperative to keep them clean. This is not only because they will attract dirt and bacteria, but also because they will protect your floor from scratches and stains. To maintain a fresh and elegant look, you should consider hiring an area rug cleaning service. Although it is possible to clean your rug at home with a vacuum, tough stains will require a professional to clean.

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