Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are made of a variety of materials and styles, and professional rug cleaners have the tools and equipment to properly clean all types of rugs. Using special techniques, they remove stains and allergens from rugs while preserving the color and fibers of the rugs. Professional cleaners are also able to provide a deep cleaning without damaging the rugs’ surface.

Carpet and are Rug Care
Carpet and are Rug Care

Professional rug cleaning uses a process called hot water extraction. The hot water steam cleans the carpet fibers and loosens dirt. Rug cleaners apply cleaning materials to the rug and wait for them to settle before applying hot water steam. The steam loosens and dissolves the dirt, and is a great choice for rugs made of synthetic materials.

Rugs should be cleaned at least once a year. You can use different types of cleaning solutions depending on the type of rug. The cleaning methods used for each type of rug depend on its size, construction, and fabric. It is important to thoroughly clean your rug to extend its life and prevent it from looking dirty.

Rugs are wonderful additions to any room, but you should also know how to clean them effectively. Regular vacuuming is not enough to remove dust and stains. Even vacuuming twice a week may not keep your area rug clean. If you’re concerned that your rug is beyond repair, call a professional rug cleaner for help. They can offer an on-site or off-site service.

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