Area Rug Carpet Cleaning

If you want to keep your area rug looking as beautiful as possible, you must follow the proper carpet cleaning procedures. This includes vacuuming it daily to remove dirt and grit. You should also flip it over to vacuum underneath it. After vacuuming, use a dishwashing soap solution and clean water to clean it. If you have a stain, use unscented talcum powder to treat it. This treatment should be applied to stains before they set in permanently.

area rug cleaning tool
area rug cleaning tool

Over-the-counter cleaners can only remove a few percent of dirt and bacteria. Furthermore, they may also contain harmful chemicals that can be inhaled. A professional area rug washing facility can use specific chemicals to effectively remove stains and dirt. It is essential that you use the right cleaning agent for your area rug.

You should know that it is not easy to clean area rugs by yourself. You should hire a carpet cleaning service that specializes in carpet cleaning. A professional will know how to clean them with the right cleaning agents and will take care of every inch. Some rugs, like fine oriental ones, need a thorough cleaning and special protection.

A professional will be able to remove all kinds of dirt and grit from your area rug. Whether it is a handmade rug, a runner, or a carpet, this cleaning method will help you maintain the appearance of your area rug for years to come.

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