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April Home Maintenance Checklist for Arizona

Things you can do this April to keep your home beautiful, fresh, and safe.

Tune up your mower

Either you’ve been mowing winter grass since October, or you took a break while the bermuda went dormant. Either way, now that the summer grass is coming back, its a good time to get your mower tuned up. Sharp mower blades will make sure your mower is cutting, not just ripping the grass blades. Before the grass grows too tall, bring out the lawnmower and give it a once-over. Send it in for a tuneup once a year, where a small-engine repair shop can sharpen the blades, replace the spark plug, and do any other maintenance required. Expect to pay between $50 and $75.

Get the pool ready for swimming season

It’s time to reopen your pool for the summer season if you have one. Before you can swim in the pool, you’ll need to treat the water, check and replace valves and filters, and inspect all of the equipment. Pool maintenance costs the typical Arizonan $80 to $150 a month.

Trim your trees

If you have any trees on your property, have them inspected by a professional arborist, who can look for signs of illness or dead limbs, and spot problems before they become serious enough to destroy a tree. A dead or dying tree poses a safety concern to you, your home, and nearby properties if you leave untreated any signs of damage.
Longer branches that hang over your house or other structures on your land should be pruned. This will not only assist to maintain the health of your tree, but it will also help to minimize any harm caused by falling limbs during storms.

Make sure your doors and windows are sealed properly

Not only will this keep pesky bugs out of your house, but it will also keep your house cooler and lower your energy bills. Make sure that all weather strips are in good working order and have no rips or holes.
As the weather warms up, double-check that your windows and doors aren’t allowing cool air to escape. Replace any caulk and weather stripping that may be causing a draft. In the winter, your home’s windows and doors lose a lot of heat, and in the summer, they lose a lot of cool air.

Check your fire extinguisher

This check is simple: make sure it’s accessible (not obstructed by anything in the garage or wherever it is kept), that the gauge is working properly, that there’s no missing locking pin, and that there are no visible signs of wear and tear. If necessary, go over with your family how to use them in the event of an emergency. It should be replaced every five years.
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